Susan McCraw


Fabric Collage
Calligraffiti quilt
Words of the Prophets (Simon and Garfunkel) quilt

34” W x 45” H

Calligraphic decorations in Far Eastern and Islamic traditions, and figures on rugs of the Ersari tribe of Central Asia, suggested  the curved, rhythmic motifs of this piece.

“Calligraffiti II”
50.75” W x 40.5” H

In Paul Simon’s song of the Seventies, “The Sounds of Silence,” the “words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls,” as graffiti.  The motifs here are from the same source as “Calligraffiti.”

Regalia quilt
Razzle Dazzle quilt

24.5” W x 45” H

Inspired by a Moroccan tribal rug design, African ceremonial shields, leopard skins and Tibetan prayer flags.

“Razzle Dazzle
37” W x 29” H

Bright zigzag “eye dazzler” designs appear in weavings from cultures as far apart as Turkey and the American Southwest.  Here, I combined the lightning flashes with medallions I admired in carpets from Iran andTurkey.

Vessel quilt
Ancient Icons quilt

28.5” W x 36” H

The figure in the center of this piece refers to customary representations of female forms in antique ethnic weavings from Turkey and Iran.  It can be read as a woman or as a jar.  I placed it against a checkerboard background design like that of some of the “gabbeh” carpets that Iranian tribes make for use in their houses or tents.

 “Ancient Icons”
56” W x 40.5” H

Inspired in part by a twentieth century saddlebag woven in the south    Caucasus, and in part by pre-Columbian weavings from Peru.

Karabagh quilt
Glory quilt

67” W x 48” H

The motif is a variant of the “tree of life” or “stupa” of traditional Buddhist art, as sometimes seen in weavings from all over the carpet-producing regions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

61” W x 47” H

A Tibetan carpet with endless repeats of the “tree of life” inspired this work.  I distorted the design to follow curved vertical lines rather than the straight columns of the original, and I substituted a palette of many colors for the Tibetans’  muted earth tones.


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