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Fabric Collage
Hugs and Kisses
Fascinatin’ Rhythm

"Hugs and Kisses"
45.5” W x 37.25” H

The surface of this piece suggests a wall covered with layers of graffiti – a presentation I’ve used before. All of the appliquéd forms and some of the stitched lines are variants of the letters X and O, often used informally to represent hugs and kisses.

"Fascinatin’ Rhythm"
38.25” W x 27.5” H

X and O shapes are the foreground elements here, loosely and spontaneously arranged against a more formal background. The narrow black and white lines, repetitive curves of stitching, and rows of “marching” rectangles provide the rhythmic underpinnings for improvised variations among the other lines and forms.

Strength in Numbers

"Strength in Numbers"
33" H x 44" W

A prehistoric rock painting in southern Africa inspired this composition. Ethnographers believe that the rows of stylized figures represent the superior power of a tribe over that of unrelated individuals.


35.75" H x 31" W

This piece celebrates the power and mystery of fire and lightning. It is loosely based on familiar patterns of tribal rugs from Africa and the Middle East.


"Arctic Ice Cap (Breaking Up)"
31.5" H x 42" H

The jagged shapes in this design emerged from a doodle drawing. Those points where the shapes approach each other closely create high energy, in a push-pull sensation. At their best, forms woven into rugs and painted onto houses in traditional societies display a similar energy.


45.5" H x 37.5" W

The patterns on both the left and right sides of this piece originate in work from West Africa. The larger portion, on the right, is adapted from traditional “dance skirts” of woven raffia, usually in just two colors.

Strokes quilt
 Regalia III quilt

28”W x 21”

Graffiti fascinates me. My imagination produced these spontaneous “letters,” which seem to proclaim a message and also, perhaps, to bind together the overlapping strips on which they rest.

Regalia III: the Sorcerer’s Robe
39.5”W x 41.5”H

This design is more restful than some of my earlier zigzag pieces, because the lines in this are more uneven and more widely separated. I altered the colors of some of the fabrics with lines of stitching and with iridescent paint.

Bermuda Daze quilt

Bermuda Daze
30”W x 24”H

The alternating zigzag patterns in this piece remind me of the edges of the waves as they wash up onto the beach, and the bright blues, corals and yellows echo the hues of the water, sand and sun. Lines of stitching in various colors resemble the trails that the receding waves leave behind on the sand.


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